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  1. 2002 954RR Winning Red Fuel Tank (Please Read)

    For Sale
    I'm not here to church it up. I resealed the tank liner (POR-15 kit, no issues with that). I couldn't get the nuts to seal on the fuel pump gasket (and I wanted to ride) so I used a steel stick and Seal All to seal around the fuel pump. The fuel ate the Seal All and it leaked overnight. I bought...
  2. Leaking gas tank

    General Discussion
    Im working on 1983 CBX 550F and did the vinegar trick to clean the gas tax. It wasn't that bad and I left the vinegar in about 2 days shake now and then. Clean now. BUT... Then I noticed it is leaking in 2 small holes ( 1/8' or smaller). Took it the local welding shop, George has been there...
  3. any reason why fuel economy got better on its own?

    General Discussion
    hey guys so you might know that I purchased my '954 blade around a month or so ago. It was still quite cold back then, around 35-45 F on average, and the bike hadn't been ridden since the fall. up until this warmer weather, which started around one or so weeks ago, I would get 103 miles until...
  4. WTB Clean 954rr tank

    must be the oem red and black color without dents or rust i am located 08534
  5. 954 Fuel Pump

    Honda FireBlade
    So after taking the fuel pump out of the bike and cleaning and knocking it around for a little while, it seems that it is completely dead. The housing and the rest of the pump are in good working condition, just the pump itself is bad. Does anyone know where I can get the pump itself from? Is...
  6. how to refuel without dropping on the tank!

    General Discussion
    So i filled up my 07 cbr1000rr for the first time today. it might be different in USA but in australia we mostly use unleaded 98. i have heard from others, that petrol drops are bad for the paint on the tank. wondering is there any way so you wont get petrol drops on your tank?!!! oh and...
  7. 01 CBR929rr Poor Fuel Mileage

    Honda FireBlade
    Hello, I have a 01 CBR929rr with 20800 miles, it has a Two Brothers slip on and PC3. I'm only getting about 125 miles before the low fuel light comes on. For city driving I would except around that but my last full tank most of it was used on the Highway and I got to 128 miles before the...
  8. Fuel Leak Out of Cap

    Honda CBR 600
    Hey guys, I bought a '92 CBR600f2 with about 40,000 miles on it a few months ago. I knew there would be some problems with it being that it was an old bike but I am pretty mechanically inclined and haven't had many problems I couldn't figure out on my past cars and even an old motorcycle I...