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gauge cluster

  1. 2004-2007 1000rr cluster speedometer gauges

    Hey guys and girls , like the title states im in need of a cluster. hit me up with what you have. Thanks! And shipping would be to Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
  2. WTB 91-94 F2 speedo/gauge cluster

    Hi I'm looking for a replacement for my F2, be it new/used/aftermarket/or a housing to put my gauges in. Please let me know.
  3. f3 to f4 cluster conversion

    Honda CBR 600
    Just saw a youtube video where someone converted their f3 gauge cluster to an f4's. Didn't show any details, just the end result. Anyone else try this? Is it complicated? Issues? Thanks
  4. 00 CBR929 Gauge Cluster Malfunction

    Honda FireBlade
    Hello all, I was installing a new set of turn signals on my bike the other day and, understanding that the new signals were not dual filament, set them up as necessary being sure to leave off the constant running light feed. Somehow during the course of the installation process my gauge cluster...