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  1. General Discussion
    hi guys I just got my 98 blade back from the shop last night, as I had to have the selector forks replaced as she was jumping out of gear and then back into gear (great fun when cornering :-/ ) any way I took her out for a ride this morning and all seemed fine for the first hour, then it...
  2. Honda FireBlade
    Hi guys, can any one shed any light please. i have a 929 that jumps out of 1st at hi revs and sometimes pull its self into 2nd. i have been told 1st gear is nackered, is thus true? does annone know how to fix? and does anyone have a gear box or gears? cheers :crying:
  3. General Discussion
    Hello guys, been reading through this site for a while but now I really need help. Ive got a 1999 fireblade which has developed what I can only call a hesitation as it is not a missfire. It only happens when I am decellerating and then try reaccellerate, in any gear and at all rpm ranges. Idle...
1-3 of 3 Results