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  1. HONDA FT500 Starter Gears

    General Discussion
    I just got my 82 Honda FT500 Running after sitting for 7 months, I rode her 4 days and tried to start her today after already riding for a bit. The starter would make sound as she was trying but no noise from the motor. I opened the starter pinion cover to reveal that the teeth on the drive gear...
  2. Gear Alignment on Mainshaft and Countershaft

    Honda FireBlade
    I have a '99 CBR900 and recently 2nd gear has been popping out under heavy acceleration so i decided to replace the mainshaft. I bought the mainshaft and everything but there are some washers/spacers that came out of alignment. The problem is i don't know where to put the washer/spacer in...
  3. Steps to get out of the garage, (warm up, etc)

    General Discussion
    This may sound abit dumb, but what are the steps that you go through every morning before rolling your bike out of the garage? i am thinking which is the most time efficient? i think: 1- put your helmet on 2- turn on the bike so it gets warmed up 3- put your jacket and gloves on while the...