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  1. General Discussion
    Hi, this weird "air sound" started yesterday when I first started my bike up for the day it's never made this noise and I have no clue where its coming from, I checked all the carb boots to make sure there all tight on there etc, none os that, sounds like its more of in the back of the bike.. or...
  2. Honda FireBlade
    So, like, when I was getting my 929RR sitting at 397 lbs., I was happy that it finally was going to be in the weight class of the new/newer litre bikes, as my first bike was a '94 zx9r which weighed around 470+....but today I decided to delve a little deeper into the subject and looked up the...
  3. Wanted
    i just bought my first 900rr and i love it already, only thing i do not love so much is the huge and low tail. looking to convert it to something a little more modern. any ideas or parts for sale??? possibly interested in an entire tail section with sub frame and all included.
  4. For Sale
    Im looking to buy a GSXR or a CBR with a blown motor or a motor that needs to be fixed, preferably 2005 or newer unless its a 1000. Are there any out there?
  5. the gixxer

    my soon 2 b upgraded 750
  6. 1987 GSXR 750

    Low compresion engine, will be on the road soon
  7. 1987 GSXR 750

    getting there, one step at a time
  8. 1987 GSXR 750 chasis

    rebuilding my old school gixxer
  9. My old GSXrR600

    Stone Brewing Tail decal
  10. My old GSXrR600

    This is the bike I traded in for the 929
1-10 of 10 Results