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  1. General Discussion
    Has anyone done a full led headlight swap on a 99 honda shadow vt1100 spirit? Looking to replace the whole headlight not just the bulb.
  2. Honda FireBlade
    So i ordered and received an HID headlight for my 2012 cbr. i also ordered a set of fairings from monster fairings. the issue im having is the new headlight isnt fitting correctly in the new nose cone i have. has anyone installed a headlight from KTmoto onto a 2012 cbr1000rr succefully and if...
  3. Wanted
    Hello It's a long shot but I need the following parts for my 1999 Fireblade (CRB900RRX): Upper fairing / cowl Right and left upper fairing inner panels Complete headlight unit I'm only interested in OEM parts as I've been recommended against buying the aftermarket panels. Happy to sort out...
  4. Wanted
    Looking for a headlight for a 954 in new condition, let me know what you have
  5. Honda CBR 600
    Hi guys I'm new on here as I have just bought my first (2nd hand) '98' CBR 600, it seems that every time I use the headlight while riding the next time I try to use the starter it won't work and I have to bump it. If I never use the light it starts every time but I prefer to ride with the...
  6. Honda FireBlade
    Hey guys, I was riding my 929rr, and it was running perfectly. I stopped at a scenic place for around 30 min (didnt' leave the key in ignition or anything), and when I came back to leave, I noticed that the turn signals had stopped working. I went home to further inspect it, and here's what I...
  7. For Sale
    :welcome: I am changing my 2003 CBR 954RR over to a track bike. Only parts I have left are the OEM headlamp assembly and tail light. Both parts are in mint condition. All tabs are in tact. Asking $220 for both and willing to cover 50% of shipping costs.
  8. General Discussion
    Picked up a headlight off of a Triumph Speed 4 and am in the process of installing it on my CBR 600F4i (2006). I'll admit that I haven't really had a chance to look at the wiring or even try to figure it out, so I'm hoping it will be an easy switch, though I'm not expecting it to be. Anybody...
  9. General Discussion
    hey everyone, i was looking at headlight assemblies and saw a tinted on for sale. i was wondering how much of a decrease in visibility i'd experience with it? and i am getting HID hadlight in the spring too. thanks
  10. Honda FireBlade
    Hello to everyone I have an 01 929 purchased in March, ran perfect until last month. Turned bike on to find headlight, signals and cluster backlight INOP. was night time so I grounded the headlight to the frame which made everything work to ride home. A few procrastinated weeks later the bike...
  11. General Discussion
    Hi All, New to the forum, just picked myself up a 1984 CB650. I have previously ridden a 2000 CBR F4 and 2003 RC51, so I love my Honda's! Have been off of two wheels for a few years now and grabbed something just get me back on the road. While I like the bike so far...I can't stand the...
  12. For Sale
    I'm undoing a 99 front mod on my 93 900rr back to the 96 front end. I have everything except the headlight, but the decent ones on ebay are $250-300. I'd rather not spend that much and am willing to trade the 99 headlight for even trade or discount. If any one has one or knows where to get ne...
  13. For Sale
    Very good shape with minor scratches. Never down. Bike had 20k miles when removed. Comes with headlight. Will send pics to interested parties email. $400.
  14. Introductions
    Hi All, I have been a member for some time but have never really taken the time to introduce myself. Steve is my name and I have a 1996 CBR900RR that has had an easy time compared to some I know! One owner, for five years, 14000miles....from new then....small crash, streetfightered and then...
  15. Honda Naked Sportbikes Electrical diagram for CB100 I've got a 1971 CB100K1 that runs like a champ without lights on, but if I turn them on and keep them on my bike sputters out to a stall (unless I kill the lights prior to). Now, I bought, charged, and installed a new...
  16. Honda FireBlade
    I have a 01 929 that i recently purchased, it was a stunt bike so the entire front fairing, headlight, fender & turn signal switch is missing. I'm looking to purchase all, they dont have to be perfect but not crappy either.
  17. Honda Naked Sportbikes
    hey guys, I've been looking into converting my stock single headlight to a dual case headlight. Mainly was wondering if anyone out there has done this and found one that will fit into the stock brackets. So far the best thing i have found are the dominator headlights at Dominator...
  18. Honda FireBlade
    Well, yesterday I was out with about 10 friends, going for a short ride down one of the more twisty roads near Beaufort SC. We were about 10 miles into the ride. I was riding around a right hand corner (at about 55mph), when I seen the demon in front of me. This time it was a patch of sand/dirt...
  19. Wanted
    Need these parts for a 954rr.... Upper Fairing(Silver or Titanium) Headlight Mirrors Windshield
1-19 of 20 Results