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help needed

  1. New combination meter, need to reflect miles.

    Honda CBR 600
    Alright so I just replaced my combination cluster and my odometer is at 5. How to I adjust and add miles to reflect the previous miles I had on it. I don't want to hear anything saying that it's illegal or any BS like that. It's not illegal to adjust a odometer to reflect the current actual...
  2. 06 cbr1000rr front wheel issue

    General Discussion
    So i built from scratch with ebay, craigslist, and a few new parts, a 06 cbr1000rr and everything is together (will post pics later). I bought a set of oem wheels from a guy and the rear wheel goes on fine. The front wheel not so much. It is straight, looks to have no problems...spacers are...
  3. What's right for my height?

    New Rider Orientation
    Okay so I'm 15, only 5' 6", and a girl and I just passed my permit test for my motorcycle. I've been driving my brother's 1993 Gl650 motorcycle, but it's a little bit to tall for me( the seat height is around 30-31 inches) and too heavy( weighing at about 550 pounds). I know a kawasaki ninja 250...
  4. Rear Shock Options for RR with SSSA?

    Honda FireBlade
    My stock 93 900RR rear shock is toast. Using it with a 96 VFR SSSA. I can pick up the right spring here in town, but I'm wondering if anyone running a SSSA has found success here with a later model shock swap for the set-up. I do not want to pay Ohlins money. Just something that works and can...
  5. Strange Grinding Noise - Help!

    Honda CBR 600
    Hello all! I'm new to the community (and a new bike owner) and I'm concerned about a noise coming from the front end of my 2001 CBR600 F4i. It's a grinding/whirring/rattling (very hard to describe) coming from a spot that seems to be just below and in front of the gas tank. It starts after the...
  6. Cbr 600 F2 stalling out after 5 mins of riding

    Honda CBR 600
    So I bought a honda cbr 600 f2 a couple seams ago. It was sitting in this guys shed for about two years. Bike was rusted to he k, carbs were gunned beyond belief, and when I finally pulled the tank and cleaned the carbs, I found a slapping sound. Well, I replaced the auto cct with a manual one...
  7. CBR 600 f2 Dying in first gear

    Honda CBR 600
    I was riding my F2 to class today when all of a sudden I shifted down into first gear at a red light, once it turned green and I took off the bike quickly stalled out and died. I eventually got it back up and running and it was fine until the next red light and then died again and i tried three...
  8. Carbon Buildup???

    General Discussion
    Ive noticed a lack of power, the bike has stalled twice, little put puts while idling and a different tune from the exhaust. Could this be from a carbon build up?? Please help. Any ideas greatly appreciated. New exhaust will be put on Friday in hopes it solves the mystery. CBR954 has about...
  9. '02 CBR954RR FUEL PROBLEMS!!!

    Honda FireBlade
    So heres a stumper for you guys.......I have a 2002 CBR954rr Fireblade....I leave my house, get some gas and go out on some back roads. Im just cruisin along and i start to smell gas, so i figure i need to get back to my garage and check out the situation...About 5-10 minutes later the gas light...
  10. New Rider Questions

    General Discussion
    Im 14 and im getting a motorcycle next year, i would like to know if this bike would fit me... i am 6"1 around 230 and this is the bike i liked Ninja 250. Also i like the sound of a motorcycle accelerating from a red light turning green would i be able to upgrade the exhaust on this bike?
  11. Battery Removal Help

    General Discussion
    I own a 1989 250 Honda Interceptor and am in need of some help. I need to.take the battery out to charge it and I don't know how. Please HELP!:idunno:
  12. Extreme Low Mileage

    General Discussion
    Hey everybody! This is my second post and my first ever problem with my 01 CBR929rr. My gas mileage is ridiculously low and it's something I've been trying to somewhat document on my last 5 tanks of gas. I'm lucky lately if i see 75 miles before my fuel lights kicks and another 20 miles before...
  13. 2001..929rr need help...pls

    General Discussion
    i have a 2001 929rr,i have the entire back half of the bike and was curious as to what other bikes i can put the motor in without to many mods,or is there another upper frame that can mount up to the motor and rear sub frame,pls help...and if by chance you might know where i can find a stripped...
  14. Where to buy stock yellow/black fairings?

    Honda FireBlade
    Just bought a 01 Honda CBR 929RR, but the guy had it painted matt black and i would like to put the stock yellow/black fairings with decals back on it. Any idea's where to get em?
  15. Ignition removal cbr125r instruction please

    Hi all im a few months off getting a real bike. Ive got CBR125r :smilierr:awesome to learn on. But lost keys & i need to take ignition out. .:thumbd: . can you tell me how i go about taking ignition out.:idunno: i dont know much about bikes but i can service my car & do minor repairs on my...
  16. starting problem. any ideas??

    General Discussion
    ok i have a 95 honda cbr600 f3. i bought this past summer and it would start and run everytime no problem, when it got cold i parked the bike and emptied the gas. i put a gallon in the other day and tried to start it. it cranked and cranked but nothing happened. it finally fired up for about 10...
  17. Help on Chain Size

    Honda FireBlade
    I bought my bike with a q/a kit on it and i have no idea what size the chain is. I need a master link for it. I assumed it was a 520 chain, but when i got the link from the dealer, the link wasn't wide enough. my chain is a lot wider than the stock 530 chain i have. It is not an O-ring chain...
  18. FI light, not blinking, but wierd miss fire

    Honda FireBlade
    I just did the spark plugs on my 2000 929rr, and when I put everything back together it ran fine for about ten seconds then started idling real low, and it was making sounds like it was having trouble running. then the FI light came on, and the red light, solid, no flashing, just on. and runs...
  19. 750 CC nighthawk Need help, This is my college bike that I need running b4 Aug 23

    General Discussion
    History, I bartered for 1993 750cc nighthawk that sat for 5 years in exchange for math tutoring of grandson. Nov 2009. I need this bike to be running and street legal by Auguest 20 because of college is starting. 54 miles one way to college that is why I need the bike. Current problems...