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help please

  1. Lower or not to lower ?

    General Discussion
    Hi , im a female who is about 5"1 or 5"2 I would say I weigh about 120. I'm a midget basically lol. I just bought my first motorcycle, Honda cbr300r everything came stock and I love it other than its too high for me. When I sit on it I barley reach the floor, I'm on my to tippi toes. Can barley...
  2. What else can be damaged besides the clutch from doing too many burnouts?

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey guys hows it going? Need a little advice, last summer i started doing burnouts on my 2000 cbr929rr and after i did the first solid one i noticed immediately noticed there was alot more play in the clutch lever than before i did the first burnout. i didnt think too much of it and like a noob...
  3. 929 regulator on a 900cbr

    Honda FireBlade
    I got a 93 cbr 900rr and before I bought it looks like theyswapped the stock regulator to one from a 929. 900regulator runs 5 wires (3 yellow 1 red 1 green) And the 929 runs 7 wires (3 yellow 2 red 2 green) the 900 reg won't match the 7 wires coming from the .aim wiring harness. I have a 929...
  4. cbr954rr map sensor code throws on cold start up

    Honda FireBlade
    so recently i have been getting very bad gas mileage i get 100 miles to a tank. so ONLY on a cold start up (when i only first start it up for the day it idles low bout 9rpms but once its warm it idles to operating tempter at 1,200rpms ) when the bike is 100 degrees or less the code will throw...
  5. CBR 919 misses at low revs and t-lights take off, help pls

    Site Comments / Help
    Hi all I have a '99 CBR 919 with recently replaced airfilter (standard one) and service. It has a custom exhaust. It was working perfectly up until quite recently I have started experiencing the some issues where it misses and stutters at the traffic lights where instead of taking off with...
  6. Cbr954 timing issue???

    Honda FireBlade
    I have an 02 cbr 954 that I have recently done the valves on. I replaced 8 shims (mostly intake) and the exhaust servo. The bike sounds like its a tooth off on the timing; Shuddering, will not idle, backfiring, and knocking every once and a while. I have taken it apart many times to check and...