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  1. 1997 f3 not running?!?!

    Honda CBR 600
    Hey what's up everybody my names Ken, before I start I will forewarn you that I am a noobie rider and mechanic so please bare with me. But okay I recently purchased a 1997 f3 cbr600 off of craigslist (first questionable decision) I purchased the bike with little mechanic skills and little...
  2. 93 cbr900 different headlights?!?!

    Honda FireBlade
    i just bought me a good ol 93 blade and i love everything about it..... except the headlights is there aftermarket or maybe diff model years that wont be so ugg?
  3. restrictor HELP!

    Honda CBR400RR
    hi, sorry i'm new to the site i don't know were to post so hope this is ok. i have recently passed my test and have been getting my crb400 road ready, i'm only 20 so i need a restrictor fitting so im just looking for some advice on the laws and what i should do. Iv read that legally you need...
  4. 929 slipping clutch or jumping sprocket? help

    Honda FireBlade
    this is the second time i have asked for tech help and i know someone will be able to help. i have a 929 and when i really open up the throttle in 1st or 2nd at hight revs it bangs and judders could this be the clutch slipping? its done 42,000 is it a common blade problem? cheers guys
  5. Urgent help needed

    Honda CBR 600
    Good day to all. Firstly, i am new to this forum, so greetings to all and its nice to be part of the forum. I have experienced something very very strange while riding my 2000 honda cbr 600 f4. I was riding and suddenly the bike backfired and it died. The bike died completely. Now the strange...
  6. Track day on the 7th Sept - HELP

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi all, Thanks for the help last time, when I had a dud battery but now I have a new issue that I need some advice on please! :crying: I have a 1996 CBR900RR, bit of a bitsa but i love her! I ride for 20-25 miles no problm, then it feels like it is going on to 2 cyclinders, stalls and...