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  1. 954rr HID kit???

    Honda FireBlade
    I really want to buy an HID kit for my 2003 954 as the lights I have in it are downright dangerous at night. I've looked at the forum posts about this, but I'm still not sure what to buy. I would love some recommendations for kits that will last and fit my bike. Thanks!
  2. cbr 954 hid install

    Tools / Garage / Paddock
    I want to know where I have to connect these wires. I'm confused... I have these "battery' wires that I'm suppose to connect to the battery, but the rest of the wiring works only for the HID kit and ballast/bulbs. How do I put the HID wires in as part of the stock wiring harness...
  3. HID Lights

    General Discussion
    Hi, I'm about to install HID 8000K (tint of blue, white xenon lights) and I want to know if there are any potential issues I should be aware of. The kit is reputable and hasn't any known defects and the bike is in great overall condition. I'm also taking a long night trip through the...
  4. 2007 1000rr headlights

    General Discussion
    Im going to buy some hid bulbs for my blade and was wondering will i need two separate bulbs for high and low beam, or just one h7? this is the site im getting them from and i dont know wether to get the single kit or the dual kit. DDM Tuning : Motorcycle HID Kits & Lighting thoughts?
  5. Light issue's

    Hello, Does anyone have an idea what fuse is standard for the headlights on the '04 fireblade? the reason im asking is: i want to install an HID kit,the manual suggests i insert a 20 amp fuse. my worry is that i will fry the wiring i have not yet made this mod,because of the fore...
  6. 929 front side mods

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey people I'm wondering if anybody has any knowledge of a good replacement mod to the front of the 929. I really dislike how boxy it looks and the center light doesn't have the greatest looks. Has anybody here modded their 929 with an HID kit for the front? I was looking at something like these...
  7. DIY - HID Install Guide ('02 954RR)

    How To Articles
    Purchased a couple sets of HID's from DDM Tuning and thought I'd write a quick article about the steps involved. Link to HID's (I'm linking the kit simply because the shop delivered a quality product and it's what the article is based on...I have no financial ties to them besides the loss of...