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  1. New York 12561 Zip Code 2004 Honda 919

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    This is my 2004 Honda 919. It has 22K miles. Looks brand new. Never beat on never dropped and adult owned all its life. Always stored in private garage. New Front rear sprocket. New Battery. New Xlink chain. PC3 bafflectomy. Flapper mod. Mwheeler morawaki map from 2004. Bike runs like a raped...
  2. CBR 919 misses at low revs and t-lights take off, help pls

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    Hi all I have a '99 CBR 919 with recently replaced airfilter (standard one) and service. It has a custom exhaust. It was working perfectly up until quite recently I have started experiencing the some issues where it misses and stutters at the traffic lights where instead of taking off with...
  3. New 919 Owner

    Hi, I just picked up a CB919 last week. So far i'm loving it... Previous owner bought it new in 04. Looks to be well taken care of. She had 13000 miles when I got her, and I'm going to try and double or triple that in the next couple years. The 919 is a great bike, very comfy and lots of...
  4. SC33 900rr Case Crank Head Covers

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    Spun #3 rod bearing :mad: everything from motor is for sale i can and will mic out parts if curious on wear on journals crank etc... if interested. Parts are used from a low 40,000 mile motor. good candidate for drag-bike motor or radical street build. i had high hopes and no funding PICS AND...
  5. Honda 919 clutch slipping please help!!

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    I recently bought my 2004 Honda 919 several weeks ago and I love it! For the first couple weeks it was a blast to ride with absolutely no problems. Recently, however, Ive been having a fairly large problem: Whenever I twist the throttle all the way back, the rpms redline quickly but the bike...