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  1. Honda VF700 magna won't turn over

    General Discussion
    It just died while riding it. I pushed the starter button and nothing. So I pushed it home and took a look. I can push the starter button and it will do nothing but turn out the head light and dim the idiots lights on the handlebars. I can jump the solenoid and it will turn over but not start. I...
  2. Honda 750 Cruiser Camel Cigarette Bike? Help Please!

    Review My Ride
    Hey everyone, I happened to stumble on this site after "google searching" for info on the bike my husband and I have owned for the last 2 years with no success. First please forgive my unprofessional description of the bike. Lol. Its a 1995 Honda magna 750 cruiser with a Camel "Camel Mag"...