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  1. hotbodies undertail 954

    Honda FireBlade
    hi there, just looking for some advice on my newly fitted hotbodies undertail for my 954. the install went ok and pretty happy with the fit. i wired in the led flashers no problems and all seems fine. i went to install the flashers into the undertail but they don't seem to 'clip' into place...
  2. Looking for hotbodies undertail exhaust for 07 100rr

    Hello! Have or know anyone looking to sell a hotbodies racing undertail exhaust kit for a 04-07 1000rr? Color doesn't matter but must be in good shape!
  3. Hotbodies undertail kit

    Aftermarket Perfomance Parts Reviews
    I recently bought a hotbodies undertail kit and was wondering how difficult it is to install, I've read some places that it is easy, but the local motorcycle shop tells me it took them 3 hours to install and its going to cost me a $240 :mad: I've worked things out and he said I can pay...