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  1. Think my ECM is fried, 954, 6 trouble codes.

    Honda FireBlade
    After sorting out a 954 fuel pump not priming (it was a grounding short), I fired up the bike last week to have it running very rough - it would stall out below 3K, and was choppy above that. Checked the codes, and it's throwing off 6. Codes: 1 - MAP sensor 8 - TP sensor...
  2. IAT Sensor Replacement -929rr

    Honda FireBlade
    Just want some info on an IAT Replacement. I posted another thread asking what needed to be done and got the answer but I have a new question. From What I understand: The sensor is located at the back of the air box. Lift the fuel tank up. Remove air box lid, remove the velocity stacks and...