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idle issue

  1. Bike Idling too high

    Honda CBR 600
    Hey guys, I bought a 2002 cbr 600 f4i 2 weeks ago and it has been great. when I bought the bike I was told it had a bad fuel injector that the previous owner found out through getting it dynoed and the FI light is on. This weekend I replaced the fuel injectors with a whole set that he bought...
  2. another 929 nightmare

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey guys new here not new to bikes...i recently baught the most time consuming bike of my life and havent got a single mile in i picked up this 01 929rr in pieces and pjt it together only to findbent intake valves,however it did start easily and it idle great and without issue the only...
  3. NEED HELP CBR929 wont idle, is bogged down and looses power between 5-8k rpm

    Honda FireBlade
    Ive looked over the forum and couldn't find any that was exactly what was going on with my bike. When I start it it dies immediately unless I hold the throttle and manually idle the bike. After its warmed up it will run but a lot of times if u pull the clutch in and drop the rpms it will die...