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  1. 92 cbr600 F2 Misfire?

    Honda CBR 600
    Hey fellow riders I'm having issues with this f2 that I just bought it seems to be misfiring but i am not to sure. When I'm out riding it acts like it is running on 2 cylinders an bogs down. I've checked for spark and im getting spark in all cylinders iv cleaned the carbs an made sure the...
  2. CBR954RR Piston Noise?

    General Discussion
    I posted a thread about a mysterious engine knock that I have since come to peace with. However, I did stumble upon a new noise after stethoscoping various parts of the motor to be thorough. At first I thought it was valvetrain noise (because I hear it all the time), but this noise is...
  3. CBR954RR Engine Knock Mystery

    General Discussion
    Well, this is the first motorcycle forum I have joined. In fact, it's my first forum ever. I wasn't sure where or really how to post, so I am posting here. I own a 2003 CBR954RR, and I must say that it is a fantastic motorcycle. I joined the forum to try and de-mystify the following (yet...
  4. Bike dies when I sit it at idle..need help

    General Discussion
    This is my first bike and this is all new to me. I recently replaced my cooling fan and my headlights. I bought a new battery and replaced all fuses. It still continues to die when it sits at idle. It also has a hard time starting the engine. The throttle is fine and the acceleration is perfect...
  5. Noob In Search Of Info > Random Cutouts

    General Discussion
    Hi guys, Would really appriciate any advice on what my rvf400 nc35 is doing.. Today I was travelling interstate and had just done about 350km, bike running fine and not overheating... and then just like i had hit the kill switch the bike cut out. This also happend about two weeks ago while i...
  6. 929 Throttle Cuts off

    Honda FireBlade
    I was riding this afternoon, and after riding somewhat hard (cruising around 90-100 for five minutes or so), I started just right lane cruising at 70, and as I started exiting the highway and slowing down, I went to accelerate, and mid revs the engine almost sort of cut off. The engine was still...
  7. Idle Problem, HELP!!

    Kawasaki Motorcycles
    Hello I have an 89 Ninja 750 and the bike won't stay running after it starts because the idle is too low it just shuts off. Well the problem is that the Idle Adjust screw under the fairing won't adjust the idle. I've turned that thing both ways for a while and the idle doesn't budge. Anyone have...