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ignition module

  1. 98 CBR 900RRW CDI/ECM box for sale

    For Sale
    I got a cdi/ecm box for sale. Picked it up for my 98 rrw thinking my old one may be bad and it ended up being the pulse generator. So i have an extra i need to get rid of. The numbers on it are as follows MASG AC 974U 7X14. My original one is MASG FC 971U 7Y14. Ill sell either one for a...
  2. New CDI 87' Aero? No spark on all cylinders

    Honda CBR400RR
    HI Guys new here but struggling to get a spark on my aero Been testing all day today and cant solve the problem What i Have tested so far: Pulse Generator coils - both reading 375 ohms Wiring from Pulse generator to CDI - No open circuits Wiring from CDI to coils - No open circuits Primary...
  3. 954rr ignition module power commander problem

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi, guys Here's my big problemo: I mount on my 954rr, few months ago, a power commander III usb. The bike runs just fine. I bought an ignition module for power commander and I also mounted on the bike. When I plug in with the power commander, I switch on the ignition key but the fuel pump does...