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  1. 93 Blade has developed misfire

    Honda FireBlade
    Hello All, Hope everyone's well in Fireblade land. My 1993 Blade RRP has always run like a top, never any problems but just lately, it's developed a misfire. First time was able to limp home, wacked in a new set of plugs (probably overdue) and all seemed well. However, 100 miles later, the...
  2. Wtb - working Ignition control module for 98-99 cbr 900rr (rrw/rrx/sc33/919)

    Looking to buy an icm, preferably under 100. Can buy a non OEM unit new for 165, so looking for something reasonable. Only looking for guaranteed working unit, and must guarantee as seller if used. Been burned bad enough just buying the bike.... email me or message me. Purchase time is...
  3. Need advice on cutting new CBR1000RR key

    Honda FireBlade
    2007 CBR1000RR (USA) My motorcycle was stolen and the thieves broke the ignition. I have a new ignition but now I also have two keys. I was told by a mechanic that the I can cut one side of a key blank using the new ignition key and cut the other side of the key blank using the old key that...
  4. Help 08 Cbr 600r

    Honda CBR 600
    Hi I've recently purchased a 08 cbr 600r engine to put into a buggy.. Iam missing the ignition/key and dash of the engine, the rest of the loom and computer is there. If I buy a ignition with key and kill switch will I be able to get the engine running.. Or is the computer ignition key and...
  5. [RESOLVED] 97 Honda Magna 750 Stuck Key

    General Discussion
    I purchased this motorcycle from my brother, it's my first. We had to trailer the bike a few hours since it didn't have a tag and hadn't been driven much in the past year (but started every few weeks). I immediately tried to start it up but I had problems getting the key (I only have one) in the...
  6. 02 954RR Wont Run Unless Ignition Switch is Pressed!

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey everyone, just joined. I ride a 2002 CBR954RR with about 31k miles. Has been running like a top since January, but today it randomly gave me trouble. After riding in the morning, and sitting for a few hours, the bike would not start. Starter sounded strong, plenty of gas, and...
  7. CBR 929 RR Won't Start

    General Discussion
    Hello, I have a 2001 CBR 929 RR that the ignition key was left on for 20 minutes w/o the bike running and now it won't start; gets fuel but no spark. I've replaced ECM and bank angle switch and checked the wire connections and fuses. Any idea what else could be causing this?
  8. idles but no throttle response!!

    General Discussion
    Ok so this is my first post! So here's the story. I had a 2006 cbr1000rr and I crashed it and messed it up bad. I took off the stuff to make it run and I put it in a golfcart. I sold everything else. I cut all of the wires and plugs I didn't need...... I don't have a cluster for it. Now it's...
  9. Wiring Genius Required!! RC51 SP1 harness help

    Honda RC51
    I'm building a sp1 hillclimber. Bought a torn out engine and harness (half harnessby the time I looked it over) and started wiring it up. Went through and jumped all the safety trickery / kill switch / ignition and she no sparky. The only unusual thing I'm gettin is the bank angle solinoid won't...
  10. 99 CBR 900 RR-X, ignition switch problem

    Hi all! I have a problem related to my ignition switch. The key is getting worn and difficult to turn sometimes, so I was thinking about replacing it with a simple on/off switch hidden somewhere inside the fairing. The problem is that according to the wiring diagram there are 4 wires going into...
  11. Key Problems! Need Advice Please

    Honda CBR 600
    When I ride my 2003 cbr f4i I unhook my key from my keychain and use it on my bike. Once I return I usually hook it back to my keychain for safekeeping. After 2 and a half years of doing this with no spare my luck ran out. My key fell down an elevator shaft! I tied a string to my cell phone...
  12. Broken Key. Is there hope ?

    General Discussion
    Hello everyone, A couple years back while trying to open the cap for gas, my key broke. I had made a simple copy that fitted but did not turn on the bike. Now, when the copy key is in the ignition, I turn around and around the original one which is cut in half and the bike is ready to go. So...
  13. ignition problem

    Honda CBR 600
    Hi, I am new to this site. I have been reading on forums. My problem is that I have a 2000 cbr 600f4. It has been chained up near campus, and somebody decided to try and use a screw driver to (steal) start it. So I got a replacement ignition and new key. I cleaned carrbs and such since it sat a...
  14. 954 starting trouble

    General Discussion
    I have a 2003 954rr that has been absolutely wonderful however lastnight it started to die when I would stop at lights or stop signs. It slowly got harder to start so I assumed it was water in my fuel. I added isopropyl alcahol (HEET) hoping that would fix it however it only got worse. I than...
  15. Setting the points on my 1975 Enduro -- Please help!

    Honda Off-Road
    So I have a 1975 Honda XL100 that I got for my first bike going on two years ago now. It's been a great learning experience for sure! I'm trying to get the thing on the road, but problems have arose and I'm still green at this so I'm trying not to make things worse... But it's not running well...