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  1. Motorcycles For Sale
    Hello fellow Bladers I recently purchased my 2nd '929 Fireblade so my much-loved Z1000 is up for sale. It's a late-registered (Jan 2008, '57' plate) A6F which is the 2006 model (the best looking in my opinion). Care and attention have been lavished on this bike. It gets washed after most...
  2. General Discussion
    We are a market research company that pays people for their time and opinions. We aren't selling anything; we are only interested in your opinions which will help the Motorcycle manufacturers develop better products; you will have a direct influence on the bikes of the future. We want to talk...
  3. Honda FireBlade
    So, like, when I was getting my 929RR sitting at 397 lbs., I was happy that it finally was going to be in the weight class of the new/newer litre bikes, as my first bike was a '94 zx9r which weighed around 470+....but today I decided to delve a little deeper into the subject and looked up the...
  4. For Sale
    35,000 mile bike, runs good. $3,650. Maybe extras for touring, taller windshield, highway pegs, cruise, Metzeler tires, new brake pads, 35,000 miles, never down, not a scratch anywhere. Anniversary Edition. When going further than 30 miles on a sport bike, and your butt starts to get sore...
  5. New Rider Orientation
    Hey guys im new to riding, i have already taken the MSF Beginners Course. I was wondering if the ninja 500 or the cbr 600 f4i is a better starter bike and what the main pro's and con's are for each bike. So any thoughts you guys have would be very helpful, thankyou.
  6. current bikes

    74 H2
  7. current bikes

    92 zx7RR, 01 zx7,
  8. My Poor Z.. ..

    Kawasaki Z650, a work in progress
1-9 of 9 Results