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  1. Engine

    Honda FireBlade
    My engine is making a weird knocking sound. I didn't notice it when I bought it. I drove out home for an hour and a half straight no problem. I started it today and there was a loud clicking. The oil was two quarts low. The sound got lighter but is still ther . Did I mess up my engine?
  2. 2015 Fireblade Forks

    Honda FireBlade
    Can anyone help. I just bought this bike. I found that when ever I hit even relatively small bumps in the road the front forks knock loudly as if they are bottoming out. Is this likely? What's the best way to test for this and if it is happening what's likely to be the cause / remedy. The...
  3. Intermittent Knock only at idle

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey guys, I am a newbie to the sight. I just bought a 1999 CBR900rr and I love it. It has 20K miles and runs great, but at Idle only it has a knock that comes and go's. When I give even just a little gas, it goes away. Any Ideas or suggestions on what this may be? I am thinking maybe oil pump...
  4. 919 Oil Pressure Light + Knocking

    Honda Naked Sportbikes
    Started my bike up today(2002 919, 25k miles) and I heard a very pronounced knocking noise from the engine, and the oil light was on. Turned bike off right away, checked oil level and it looked over full. The engine was still cold when I checked it. I live in Brooklyn, about 5 miles/20 mins...
  5. ticking sound

    General Discussion
    i have a 2001 cbr600 f4i and I've been noticing a ticking or knocking sound when I'm in neutral and don't have the clutch held. That's the only time in hearing it. Ideas? Thanks
  6. CBR954RR Engine Knock Mystery

    General Discussion
    Well, this is the first motorcycle forum I have joined. In fact, it's my first forum ever. I wasn't sure where or really how to post, so I am posting here. I own a 2003 CBR954RR, and I must say that it is a fantastic motorcycle. I joined the forum to try and de-mystify the following (yet...
  7. 900rr 3rd gear knocking

    General Discussion
    hi guys I just got my 98 blade back from the shop last night, as I had to have the selector forks replaced as she was jumping out of gear and then back into gear (great fun when cornering :-/ ) any way I took her out for a ride this morning and all seemed fine for the first hour, then it...
  8. Knocking noise

    Honda FireBlade
    I have an 03 954. This might be unrelated but I just installed a full exhaust and now my bike is making a knocking noise at low rpms. I can't tell if it's the clutch, motor or cct. I readjusted my chain slack to 3/4". I didn't think it was the cct because it only does it in gear. But I don't...
  9. CBR1KRR 2006 - Knocking noise from engine (with video)

    General Discussion
    My CBR1KRR 2006 engine is knocking. 1. It happens when standing still, and releasing the clutch gently to the point where the revs start to rise a bit, but without moving the bike yet. 2. It happens only when the engine is warm, at about 80 degrees celsius (176 Fahrenheit) and above. 3...