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  1. General Discussion
    Alright all, So was out checking me plugs today to see whether she was running rich/lean etc as feels a bit boggy and came across a few problems. First of all while it does look like its running a bit rich altogether, each plug had oil on the outside of it (just below the thread but not on the...
  2. Honda CBR 600
    Upon waking my F3 up from its winter slumber this season, I was greeted with a pool of gasoline on the floor. After pulling the tank I can see fuel is spraying from the two inlet ports on the airbox. Initially I thought the hoses were dryrotted and leaking, but after checking them, and adding...
  3. Honda FireBlade
    I have a minor oil leak which yields around 4-5 drips from the drain plug bolt after a ride. I believe it is from the drain bolt, because the oil is always accumulated on the drain plug itself, and i've checked several times, and I don't believe there is another source. the engine oil was...
  4. Honda CBR 600
    So i just bought a 92 cbr 600f2 rode it home filled the gas tank full. let it sit over night. and i walk outside and see my bike has a fuel puddle under it. found out the leak is coming from the exhaust! Right where the a/m muffler pipe bolts on to the pipe so i unbolt it and pull off the a/m...
  5. Honda FireBlade
    anyone ever replace the oil seal on the shift selector shaft? cant find it anywhere in the FSM. its on an 02 954. any input would greatly appreciated.
  6. Honda CBR 600
    Hey guys, I bought a '92 CBR600f2 with about 40,000 miles on it a few months ago. I knew there would be some problems with it being that it was an old bike but I am pretty mechanically inclined and haven't had many problems I couldn't figure out on my past cars and even an old motorcycle I...
1-6 of 6 Results