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  1. Riding Gear / Luggage
    hey everyone,. i have a textile right know but my friend suggested i get a leather becuase they're warmer. i was wondering if this was true, and your thoughts on it. thanks
  2. Vendor / Seller / Dealer Reviews
    This site sells some very cool race suits, offering anything you want. From right off the shelf to completely customized race suits! Off the shelf starts at $499 and Custom sizing/colored race suits start at $649!! Check it out you will not be disappointed Hazardous Racing
  3. Riding Gear / Luggage
    As a continuation to my drunken st patrick's day birthday retail binge, I didn't intend to buy this jacket at 1:00AM! The Alpinestars Tech 1-R racing jacket As you can see, I've already made the thing unsellable by sticking some £2.99 patch on the hump! :wink: Some head to head shots...
1-3 of 3 Results