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  1. Dash Mods?

    Honda FireBlade
    Can anyone tell me if im able to remove the orange filter in my 07 Blade and replace the lights with LEDs? Wanna no before i pull it out, i have seen overlay kits in America but CBF paying $135 for a friggen sticker!!! :thumbd:
  2. Flush turning signals

    General Discussion
    Wanting people's opinion on this: I have LED flush turning signals but I need to fill the factory turn signal ports. I'm considering cutting the turn signal below the bulbs to match the depth of the fairing-to-signalmountbolt and then fuse/solder, the flush turning signals in. Also, I see the...
  3. 954 Tail light LEDs

    Honda FireBlade
    Do any of the light gurus on here know what size or style the stock LEDs are on a 954? I am thinking of replacing them with brighter bulbs since only one replacement tail light has impressed me, and I spent $250 on it from it was like having a red floodlight on the back of my buell...
  4. Motodynamics LED Integrated Tailight License Plate Lights Not Working Properly

    I bought my bike close to a year ago and I believe it has a Motodynamics LED Integrated Tailight on it. It seems to work well, however, my license plate lights are not working properly. Most of the time they do not light up but sometimes when I start the bike I notice them flickering. I haven't...
  5. hotbodies undertail 954

    Honda FireBlade
    hi there, just looking for some advice on my newly fitted hotbodies undertail for my 954. the install went ok and pretty happy with the fit. i wired in the led flashers no problems and all seems fine. i went to install the flashers into the undertail but they don't seem to 'clip' into place...
  6. Could I get some electrical help? Draining battery

    Hi guys, I was wondering if there were any electronics guru's out there who could help me with a battery problem. At the beginning of winter my battery died, figured it was just the cold. So at the beginning of this season I put in a brand new battery. Four rides later it goes dead! This is on a...
  7. Angel Eyes- My winter project

    Honda FireBlade
    I just thought I would post a couple pictures of my winter project. I made homemade angel eyes using a curtain rod with two led's, one on each end. I also put three led's in each of the vents. As you can tell in one of the pictures, my right side vent has a burnt out led already. I just finished...