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  1. Winter Weather Blues...

    Winter Weather Blues...

    Pic of my baby from this summer. Just missing her in these cold months.
  2. Sidelight needed on 900rr?

    General Discussion
    Had a bit of a nightmare and had a low high-sided the other day. (which was of course a mile from home after a full day run). Luckily the bike was unscathed mechanically, the engine, frame and sub frame are still fine but the tank and fairings became a bit of a mess. . . I'm currently...
  3. 954rr HID kit???

    Honda FireBlade
    I really want to buy an HID kit for my 2003 954 as the lights I have in it are downright dangerous at night. I've looked at the forum posts about this, but I'm still not sure what to buy. I would love some recommendations for kits that will last and fit my bike. Thanks!
  4. electrical issue with my 1981 CM400

    Honda Cruisers
    my headlamp works, the turn signals work (when activated), the brake light works (when brake applied). what DOESN'T work: speedometer/tachometer illumination, turn signals are not 'always on' (when not activated), the back light. i checked fuses and obvious connections--seems to be ok. here's...
  5. pc3usb problem

    I just put my pc3usb on. instalation was straight forward. first ride, biked started fine ran fine. then i stoped for gas and when i turned the key the bike started on its own. i hit the kill switch and it turned off but as soon as i turned the kill switch back on it started on its own again...
  6. 954 Tail light LEDs

    Honda FireBlade
    Do any of the light gurus on here know what size or style the stock LEDs are on a 954? I am thinking of replacing them with brighter bulbs since only one replacement tail light has impressed me, and I spent $250 on it from it was like having a red floodlight on the back of my buell...
  7. Could I get some electrical help? Draining battery

    Hi guys, I was wondering if there were any electronics guru's out there who could help me with a battery problem. At the beginning of winter my battery died, figured it was just the cold. So at the beginning of this season I put in a brand new battery. Four rides later it goes dead! This is on a...
  8. 929 High beams will not come on!

    I melted the fuse in the starter relay switch today and lost the guages, fixed that and now the high beams will not come on. The indicator comes on but it does not switch to high beams.
  9. 1998 CBR 600 F3 won't start!!!?

    Honda CBR 600
    I've got a 1998 CBR 600 F3 with only 10,000 miles and its in great condition. I've ridden it about 300 miles this season and its been running great! Yesterday I rode to the gas station before heading out with no problems. After filling up I turned the key and nothing happened.. no lights, no...