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  1. General Discussion
    I purchased this motorcycle from my brother, it's my first. We had to trailer the bike a few hours since it didn't have a tag and hadn't been driven much in the past year (but started every few weeks). I immediately tried to start it up but I had problems getting the key (I only have one) in the...
  2. Honda Cruisers
    I mistakenly installed a left handed battery in my 83 honda magna. I briefly cross-connected the battery. Now nothing works. Is there a main fuse or some similar central device that I should start looking at?
  3. Honda Cruisers
    I have a 1996 Magna 250. I was hoping to find a service manual that I could download. I possibly wouldn't need to be a Magna 250 manual, but something similar.
  4. Honda Cruisers
    Hey guys, My brother in law has an 85 Magna v30 that he let me borrow, and I accidentally popped the sight glass on the Clutch Master Cylinder. I called dealers and looked on the internet, and it looks like there's no real way to replace that glass. Thats the only problem with it, everything...
  5. Honda Cruisers
    Hey guys, new here. Anyways. I'm looking at buying an 84 Magna V30 v500. The bike needs a total restore, so I'm looking for advice on what all I'll need to do to it and what anyone's opinion is on the old Magna's. Just for reference, it's been sitting since 1988, has only 1300 miles on it, is...
1-5 of 5 Results