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  1. 954 chain adjustment

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi , The chain wear limit sticker has fallen off my swingarm. Can someone send a photo of theirs or the distance to the end of the swingarm corresponding to the limit or which of the index marks it corresponds to? Thanks.
  2. am i treating my bike poorly?

    General Discussion
    17k mile cbr954rr. I've had it for over 2 years now and 2 winters. I've been the owner since 4k miles. So, here's what I do when the dead of winter comes around. i put new oil in the bike, and about once or twice a week no matter how cold it is, i'll put the bike through a full heat cycle...
  3. what kind of service am I due for? recommendations, anyone?

    General Discussion
    So I've had a blast on my 954rr for the past year+. I bought it late last March with 4500 miles on it, and she now has 13.7k miles. I've noticed that she puffs a little smoke when revved hard at a stop, but after the first or second rev, the smoke stops. This is different from the dark smoke...
  4. Winterize your bike!

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey people, I just finished up rewiring my '93 900rr and installing a bunch of new electrical components. Some of you may remember my frantical rants about an electrical "brown out" that I was experiencing shortly after rolling out of my driveway on my bike... Well, it turns out the problem was...
  5. Should I even bother servicing this '01 F4i which has no proof of maintenance?

    General Discussion
    I plan to purchase a 250-300cc starter bike this autumn. Most likely, after 1-2 years of riding it I'll want to move up to a bigger bike. My older brother's 2001 CBR600F4i has been sitting in the garage for 3 years. It may be the bigger bike I'll want to ride in the future. How much money should...
  6. Help! Wiring terror

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi guys and gals I could use some help maybe you've seen this before. I have a 2000 929 bike but the motor is a 2002 954, it was running fine for the 2 years I had it from 2010-2012 but one day it died on me as if it ran out of gas. I took it to the dealer and they said I had a short around my...
  7. Front suspension stiff after shipping

    General Discussion
    i recently shipping my cbr and when they strapped down the front forks they compressed the suspension quite a bit. i wasnt too worried but when i had the bike uncrated i charged the battery and took the bike for a spin around the lock and to my surprise the bike was very stiff. it ceased to feel...
  8. First Oil Change

    General Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm about to do my first oil change (2006 CBR 600F4i) and while this process is very straightforward and one of the more simple tasks to maintaining your bike I thought I'd post some questions about what I (and other first timers might expect, as well as any tips you guys might have...
  9. 99 Fireblade DIY servicing, oil and air filter, spark plugs etc

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey guys, I've been reading the forums and they're great! I've finally decided to stop paying some dude $105 an hour (I'm in Australia...) to change 4 spark plugs and do so myself. I just wanted to recap some of the stuff I found around the forum, could you guys please confirm and perhaps help...
  10. Engine Cuts Out At 8K

    HELP! 2008 CBR1000RR... Bike runs fine under pretty much any condition. Even popping a small wheelie. But as soon as I grab a bunch of throttle and accelerate past 8K RPM or so, it's as if someone just flicked the kill switch (I know this because I had a buddy of mine reach over and do that...
  11. Routine maintenance on new blade?

    Honda FireBlade
    Hello I got an 07 blade on the weekend and I'd like to get the full list of routine maintenance items for the machine. (I'm getting the service manual in the week). So far I know it's: Oil check every 1000 - 1500km (and that it should be synthetic) Checking the tires before every ride...
  12. 1999 CBR 900rr Maintenance

    Honda FireBlade
    Whats going on ppl!? Im starting this thread to help me understand methods, technics, and practices that will help save money and time doing maintenance on my CBR. Im pretty new to posting threads and stuff so I dont know if this would be approriate!? But what the hell! :idunno: if you want...
  13. Buying an '03 Blackbird

    General Discussion
    Hi all. I'm buying an 03 low milage cbr1100xx. Bike looks like it's been treated well. Should I simply replace the stator and regulator or ride it and see how it goes? Was the 03 better than other years? What other advice about preventative maintenance does the forum have to offer? I don't...