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  1. Mc22 indicators no go

    Hey peoples Indicators. The verytthing that makes us that little bit more noticeable. . And mine have died. Mc22 honda from 94, Was taking her for a spin to the petrol station And was indicating a right turn. Thought I could smell a weird smell, Almost like bad eggs. Anyways, did my business...
  2. CBR250RR mc22 starting issues

    General Discussion
    Hey guys, newbie here Been riding my babyblade regularly to uni every day, and the other day, tried to start her in the morning to no avail. First up it DID start, but took a long time (almost flooded it) Then when it did start, 1 cylinder wasnt firing, furthermore after letting go of the...
  3. CBR250RR (MC14 motor) Chain-Sprocket recomendations

    Honda CBR400RR
    Hi all, So we now have 2 x CBR250RRs in the Garage. One is my flatmates and one for my GF. Looking for advice on best chain and sprocket brands, sizes and gearing ratios. Long windy roads around Canberra and will also want the right sprocket ratio for wakefield track days. My GF is super...