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  1. 93 Blade has developed misfire

    Honda FireBlade
    Hello All, Hope everyone's well in Fireblade land. My 1993 Blade RRP has always run like a top, never any problems but just lately, it's developed a misfire. First time was able to limp home, wacked in a new set of plugs (probably overdue) and all seemed well. However, 100 miles later, the...
  2. 02 f4i stumble, rough idle

    Honda CBR 600
    I have an 02 f4i, has arrow carbon exhaust, k&n filter, pc3 idle is rough and trying to drive in traffic under 5k it sounds like it's running on two or three cylinders, changed plugs, fpr, checked all connections and vacuum, removed pc3 no change, if I disconnect the map sensor the idle gets...
  3. 93 900rr dead spot

    General Discussion
    Hi everyone, i could use some help. iv got a 93 blade and it has very little torque in the low end. when it hits 7300ish rmps it balls to the wall power. it was having problems where it would idle but as soon as you touched the throttle it would die (fixed this issue). now it just has very...
  4. 92 cbr600 F2 Misfire?

    Honda CBR 600
    Hey fellow riders I'm having issues with this f2 that I just bought it seems to be misfiring but i am not to sure. When I'm out riding it acts like it is running on 2 cylinders an bogs down. I've checked for spark and im getting spark in all cylinders iv cleaned the carbs an made sure the...