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  1. Z-Bomb timing retard controller 1000rr

    Aftermarket Perfomance Parts Reviews
    Sorry if this has already been posted and for being newb performance knowledgable! Was wondering if this unit will increase horsepower (or power loss in the high and low RPMs) as a stand alone add-on or if it needs to work alongside a power commander/ECU-fuel management unit. Looking for...
  2. WTB: 2008 CBR1000RR Parts

    Looking for a low dollar slip on exhaust... Preferably a Two Bros or Yoshimura. Also needing a solo seat cowl for the pearl yellow/black 08' model. May be interested in sell-for-next to nothing performance parts. Let me know what you have!
  3. CB1000: New Fansite on Facebook: "HONDA CB1000r Mods"

    Honda Naked Sportbikes
    Hi there A few days ago, i tried to find cool fan sites on Facebook which shows especially modified or custom CBs. I couldn't find any good sites, so I decided to start a new page: "HONDA CB1000r Mods". The goal is to post new modifications for the CB1000 and modified bikes. If you like, you...
  4. PCIII Map for a 954

    General Discussion
    Does anyone have a custom Power Commander III not the usb map with these or extremely similar mods that they could send me? Flapper mod HTEV delete Yoshi half system Stock or K&N air filter I'm trying to tune out the bogging I get in the lower rpm when I go to full throttle, without using the...
  5. Cool - fun but almost useless mods.....

    General Discussion
    Hey to all- I am looking for your ideas for almost useless mods. Currently I am considering a light kill toggle.....I think I want to the ability to turn off all my lights including the running lights brake lights etc, everything except the gauges while riding. think get away...
  6. CBR900rr Streetfighter nearly finished

    I have taken a mint condition 1994 CBR900rr, chopped the tail, and streetfightered it. I live in Thailand. Here is what has been done: Paint is a flat metallic silver – from 2010 Harley Sportster I bought a whole new tail and undertray on ebay for $75. Chopped and powdercoated it. The tiny...
  7. 2001 929 needs some upgrades!!!

    Honda FireBlade
    I am looking into putting some new parts on my 929, I was looking at doing some general upgrades. I already have a PCIII, Two Brothers moto bolt on, 530 with 15/45, chrome rims. I am thinking about rear sets or just pegs, a manual cam chain adjuster, and a speedo healer. I also have not done any...