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  1. quick question: 929 BOS exhaust on a 919?

    Honda FireBlade
    hi! I have a simple question I hope some of you can answer, because I'm pretty clueless. What's the deal with bolt-on exhausts for older Blades? I'm looking to replace the exhaust on my 1997 Blade (sc33) & because of the age of my bike & my budget, I'm looking to buy 2nd hand. I've found 2...
  2. Yoshimura Muffler

    Aftermarket Perfomance Parts Reviews
    Hey all, I was offered today a Yoshimura muffler for a very good price. but as we all know there's alot chinese replicas out there. so i was wondering how can you tell the difference between the original one and the chinese one. Thanks alot!
  3. WTB 93-99 CBR900RR Exhaust

    For Sale
    Looking for a full exhaust from a 93-99 CBR900RR 919RR. Preferably one that doesn't have road rash. OEM is fine as it's going on a CB900F.