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  1. 1991 HONDA CBR400RR NC29 KONICA MINOLTA 13,000MILES �2000 ONO

    Motorcycles For Sale
    1991 HONDA CBR400RR NC29 KONICA MINOLTA 13,000MILES £2000 ONO I'm reluctantly selling my 1991 Honda CBR400RR in Konica Minolta colours as i need a more upright bike for my commute. It has covered approx 13,000 miles and has MOT until end of May. I have owned this bike for 6 years and it has...
  2. NC29 engine powder coat

    Honda CBR400RR
    I plan on powder coating my nc29 engine a high gloss black and having removed the engine from the bike this week i am ready to start stripping the engine down. However i would like to know if i should opt for a high temp powder as i am not sure if normal powders will cope when the engine gets...
  3. nc29 dropped rough running

    Honda CBR400RR
    yesterday my babyblade was on its stand and just as i walked away to close the gate with the engine running she threw herself on the floor. this resulted in a scuffed stator cover to match the scuff on the right haha, a snapped footpeg which i had just put on to try out (just my luck) and a bent...
  4. NC29 and castrol coolant

    Honda CBR400RR
    i have castrol coolant and on the bottle is states do not use with magnesium alloy engines so my question is does anyone know if the nc29 engine is of the magnesium alloy type. also can anybody tell me if the NSR125 JC22 has a magnesium alloy engine. thanks.
  5. NC29 Firing on 3 Cylinders

    Honda CBR400RR
    Im new to this forum and firstly would just like to say hi. I have been told that my baby is only firing on 3 cylinders, the cylinder that is not firing is apparantly the second one in from the left from the point of view of sitting on the bike. i was informed of this problem when i took my...
  6. Nc29 / nc29

    General Discussion
    Hi does anyone know if a nc23 gearbox / gear changing forks will fit in a nc29 motor. This is on a cbr400. Thanks
  7. NC29 Engine clicking

    Honda CBR400RR
    I can hear a clicking/ticking noise similar to that of the engine in this attached clip although the noise is not nearly as loud. The noise increases proportionally as the throttle is opened, yet only when the bike is in gear. Could it be valve related? Or possibly exhaust related? Any help is...
  8. NC29 Fork Slider Split

    Honda CBR400RR
    Upon re-installation of my front wheel, I had problems fitting the pinch bolts back in. Whilst tightening the bolts, the left hand fork slider cracked around the area where the bolts are fitted. Is it possible to replace just the fork slider or will I need to replace the enter fork? And if so...
  9. almost there!!!

    Honda CBR400RR
    hey guys first of all a big thanks to everyone on this site, seriously, its amazing to have this kind of resource and shared enthusiasm have been working away on my nc29 and it now fires and runs(ish) the problem was bad plugs that were jumping sparks from the thread to the frame when tested...
  10. ignition coils question

    Honda CBR400RR
    working on my nc29 and trying to figure out why it isn't firing, the spark is actually really weak and after taking the coils off i realized that the secondary winding isnt giving me any reading at all, if they were truly done would i still be getting a weak spark, also these coils were...
  11. Honda CBR 400RR

    Motorcycles For Sale
    selling my cbr 400rr as im in need of the cash its in perfect condition with 1 month M.O.T and tax but will 100% pass next time, its got carbon fibre effect indicators, grips and mirrors and fully heat wrapped from manifold to exhaust can, its and after market can and makes the bike sound a lot...
  12. WANTED: CBR400 NC23 OR NC29

    Honda CBR400RR
    Hi all, I'm taking my test in the next few weeks and am really keen on getting a babyblade as my first bike (or a VFR). If anyone has an NC23 or NC29 for sale, or knows of one for sale, I have a budget that could stretch if the bike is in good condition. Cheers everyone!
  13. NC29 Problems..........

    Honda CBR400RR
    First of all hi guys, yes I'm another newbie in need of enlightenment. Ive had my 400 9yrs and it has been absolutely awesome, no problems what so ever. Until earlier this year that is.:crap: It all started after I filled up with fuel, around 2 miles down the road had loss of power and then...
  14. Wanted: NC29 Engine

    I bought an NC 29 and sadly the worst case scenario has come. My only options according to the mechanic are a gearbox rebuild for £500 or a new engine. So I am looking for an engine for the CBR 400, NC29. The V5 says it was made in 1999 according to the logbook, but that doesn't seem...