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  1. New Member Introductions
    Afternoon I'm a 29 year old financial software analyst working for Skipton Building Society in the UK. I've ridden a Derbi GPR 125 for the last 16 months, recently passed my (UK License - direct access) and bought a redblack 2002 954 fireblade. I haven't bought it because it's a massive engine...
  2. General Discussion
    Im new to motorcycles and looking to get my first bike. My friends dad has a 1987 Nighthawk 650 that he used to ride a while back. It has about 20000 miles on it but it hasnt ran in about 5-8 years. He said it runs strong when it starts. Im going to offer him 200 for it because it had its...
  3. General Discussion
    Im 14 and im getting a motorcycle next year, i would like to know if this bike would fit me... i am 6"1 around 230 and this is the bike i liked Ninja 250. Also i like the sound of a motorcycle accelerating from a red light turning green would i be able to upgrade the exhaust on this bike?
1-3 of 3 Results