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  1. new to big bore and fireblades

    Afternoon I'm a 29 year old financial software analyst working for Skipton Building Society in the UK. I've ridden a Derbi GPR 125 for the last 16 months, recently passed my (UK License - direct access) and bought a redblack 2002 954 fireblade. I haven't bought it because it's a massive engine...
  2. Should I even bother servicing this '01 F4i which has no proof of maintenance?

    General Discussion
    I plan to purchase a 250-300cc starter bike this autumn. Most likely, after 1-2 years of riding it I'll want to move up to a bigger bike. My older brother's 2001 CBR600F4i has been sitting in the garage for 3 years. It may be the bigger bike I'll want to ride in the future. How much money should...
  3. CBR929 Turn signal doesn't work anymore! Please help!!

    General Discussion
    Dear everyone! Recently I picked up a wrecked CBR929RR Erion Edition from a friend of mine as my first bike and I've fixed everything and kept riding it till my battery stopped charging.. after checking the charging system I knew that the problem was in the stator so I ordered one and I'm...
  4. New guy in Central Florida

    New Rider Orientation
    Hello All, Tomorrow or Wednesday I'll be purchasing a 2007 919 (CB900F) in the red color. It's got Yoshi exhaust but everything else seems to be stock. 13000 miles and super clean. My intention was to get it today but timing didn't allow for it. Not 100% sure tomorrow is a go because my...
  5. Hello New Member New Bike

    Hello everyone I am Stefan I'm 21 I have just bought a 08 CBR1000RR Fireblade and thought I'd join a forum. I started riding in january 2009 on a 05 CBR125 got that stolen in dec 09 so decided to get myself a full licence and get a 1995 CBR600F in January 2010. That bike started to have a few...
  6. Where to buy stock yellow/black fairings?

    Honda FireBlade
    Just bought a 01 Honda CBR 929RR, but the guy had it painted matt black and i would like to put the stock yellow/black fairings with decals back on it. Any idea's where to get em?
  7. Robsense, only missing some of it

    Hi guys(and gals) :) Been lurkin around the forum to get some pointers before the investment, and now it's done. Happy owner of a black and silver 1998 919 fireblade, aahw, don't you just love saying that name, fireblade! Epic:) Anyways, bought my baby about two months ago, and already managed...