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  1. Honda CBR 600
    Motorcycle out of storage. Bike will start with full choke, but will not maintain idle. Starting fluid will help prolong, but motor won't sustain. I cleaned entire carburetor, followed maintenance book details for adjusting pilot screws etc., but no luck in getting bike to maintain idle. Any...
  2. Tools / Garage / Paddock
    Surely one of you have an answer for me...what size spark plug socket do I need for a 1995 Nighthawk cb750? Thanks in advance
  3. Introductions
    I recently purchased a 1986 nighthawk 700s and i am very determined to swap the front forks and triples with inverted forks. With that said, can anyone help me with figuring out which streetbike front end i should use? I was thinking of sometype of CBR.... Thanks homies! Brax
  4. General Discussion
    hey guys im looking to by a honda nighthawk 650 i saw on kijiji. its in really rough shape, missing pieces, stored outside, all sorts of neglect. im still interested in picking it up as a project and rebuild it top to bottom. they list it at 600$ and i dont think its worth nearly that for the...
  5. Honda Cruisers
    Hello, I am requesting assistance regarding a problem I am having with my bike. The bike has 24,000 miles. Symptom: When shifting, all is fine. When accelerating everything seems okay until I pull back the throttle in order to receive the higher accelerations; the motor revs up to high RPM...
  6. Honda FireBlade
    Hey everyone, this is my first post on FireBlade. I recently purchased a 2000 Honday Nighthawk 750. I've ridden the motorcycle about 150 miles since I got it (I fueled it up as soon as I got it). The bike performs well, sounds great, and was giving me no indication that something was wrong...
  7. General Discussion
    Im new to motorcycles and looking to get my first bike. My friends dad has a 1987 Nighthawk 650 that he used to ride a while back. It has about 20000 miles on it but it hasnt ran in about 5-8 years. He said it runs strong when it starts. Im going to offer him 200 for it because it had its...
  8. General Discussion
    Hi All, New to the forum, just picked myself up a 1984 CB650. I have previously ridden a 2000 CBR F4 and 2003 RC51, so I love my Honda's! Have been off of two wheels for a few years now and grabbed something just get me back on the road. While I like the bike so far...I can't stand the...
  9. General Discussion
    I have a bad stator on my '83 Nighthawk CB550SC. Can anyone recommend a place to have it re-wound?
  10. Introductions
    Hello all I just passed my riders courses and got my bike on the road yesterday may18th 2012 and I was let down. I bought a Honda Nighthawk 250 with 4k original miles and thought I got a great deal, but when I took my first ride last night I found my bike with my big self on it won't go over...
  11. Tools / Garage / Paddock
    Hi. I need to replace a gasket under the left crankcase. I bought a Haynes manual, tore the area down, and am now stuck. The book calls for a Rotor Holder Tool - it looks like a tire iron, but with threads on each end. From the looks of the picture, it looks like you thread this holder in...
  12. General Discussion
    History, I bartered for 1993 750cc nighthawk that sat for 5 years in exchange for math tutoring of grandson. Nov 2009. I need this bike to be running and street legal by Auguest 20 because of college is starting. 54 miles one way to college that is why I need the bike. Current problems...
  13. 750cc 1993 Nighthawk

    My free motorcycle that I need advice on getting running for college.
  14. 750cc 1993 Nighthawk

    My free motorcycle that I need advice on getting running for college.
  15. Introductions
    I was given (bartered) for a 1993 750cc Honda Nighthawk. The bike has been setting for 5 yrs in the florida. I just got my tank back from getting cleaned and coated, fuel value (peacock) rebuilts. I got 4 carbs from ebay from runing bike the new(used carbs) are very clean and fuctionable. I...
1-15 of 15 Results