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  1. R1 2000 Model

    Yamaha Motorcycles
    Looking at buying an R1 2000 model. Have a choice between that and a Kawasaki Ninja ZX12 R, also a 2000 model. What are the pros and cons ? Just like to hear some other experienced peoples opinions. Will be using the bike in Thailand.
  2. Kawasaki Ninja 500 vs Honda cbr 600 f4i

    New Rider Orientation
    Hey guys im new to riding, i have already taken the MSF Beginners Course. I was wondering if the ninja 500 or the cbr 600 f4i is a better starter bike and what the main pro's and con's are for each bike. So any thoughts you guys have would be very helpful, thankyou.
  3. 1986 Ninja 1000

    1986 Ninja 1000

  4. first bike

    first bike

    1986 Kawaski Ninja ZX6R