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no spark

  1. 99 F4 died in flight, no spark

    Honda CBR 600
    Hey all, my 99 600 f4 died in the middle of my ride to work one day. Never any running issues prior. I have no spark or fuel pump. It will crank fine. I'm trying to condemn either my crank sensor or my ecu. I get what I believe is a good pattern at my ecu from my crank sensor but i have no good...
  2. CBR 929 RR Won't Start

    General Discussion
    Hello, I have a 2001 CBR 929 RR that the ignition key was left on for 20 minutes w/o the bike running and now it won't start; gets fuel but no spark. I've replaced ECM and bank angle switch and checked the wire connections and fuses. Any idea what else could be causing this?
  3. 929 no spark and no Fi warning

    General Discussion
    Before I send my ECM off to Carmo I need to try for answers one more time. I've a no spark issue and I'm pretty confident that I've got everything connected properly. The odd thing about my bike at the moment is that when I disconnect my MAP or IAT sensors or one of my injectors I get the...
  4. First cluster, headlight, signals - Then No Spark!

    Honda FireBlade
    Hello to everyone I have an 01 929 purchased in March, ran perfect until last month. Turned bike on to find headlight, signals and cluster backlight INOP. was night time so I grounded the headlight to the frame which made everything work to ride home. A few procrastinated weeks later the bike...
  5. 03 954 not starting

    General Discussion
    ok I have searched this forum front to back and can't find a fix or another. Ike with a similar problem. at first I was riding and the bike cut out on me while on the road I was able to pop start is once I was still moving. I did a search and everything leaded to the FPR except for fuel...
  6. no spark damn...

    Honda FireBlade
    I have already looked through many posts but hasn't helped me yet. I have a 93' 900RR and there is no spark, I've ohm'd out kill switch, ignition switch, start switch, clutch switch, kickstand switch, and the wires to the coils. all ok! the ignition coils are reading 20k ohms for secondary, but...
  7. New CDI 87' Aero? No spark on all cylinders

    Honda CBR400RR
    HI Guys new here but struggling to get a spark on my aero Been testing all day today and cant solve the problem What i Have tested so far: Pulse Generator coils - both reading 375 ohms Wiring from Pulse generator to CDI - No open circuits Wiring from CDI to coils - No open circuits Primary...