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  1. mc19 cbr250r odometer stopped

    General Discussion
    hey guys new to the forum and was wondering if i could get a little help, i have recently got back my mc19 after it was stolen for over a year and am rebuilding it back to the former glory and she still runs like a champ, honda reliability at its best :thumb: anyway finally got the speedo to...
  2. New combination meter, need to reflect miles.

    Honda CBR 600
    Alright so I just replaced my combination cluster and my odometer is at 5. How to I adjust and add miles to reflect the previous miles I had on it. I don't want to hear anything saying that it's illegal or any BS like that. It's not illegal to adjust a odometer to reflect the current actual...
  3. Speedometer/odometer/ temp gauge acting up

    Honda CBR 600
    Hello! I have a 2001 cbr f4i. I recently change the CCT and got it all back together, ran great the next day, but the day after the speedo and temp gauge started acting up - showing random characters. All of the colored lights are working (neurtral, turn signals, fuel) and the tach is working as...
  4. Swapped odometer?

    General Discussion
    Hey guys Any idea how can I tell if the odometer is replaced on my 929 2001? Thanks!