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  1. 1993 900RR parts/OEM source?

    Hi All, Does anyone know of a good place to get not-trashed OEM parts for a 1993 900RR? Some kid knocked mine over and i wanted to replace a few body panels and the mirrors. Ebay just has junk or cheap non-OEM stuff. I am looking for factory original, so its kind of been a difficult road to...
  2. Should I get my bike fixed? thermostat assembly, fanswitch, waterpump

    Honda CBR 600
    I have a 2003 cbr f4i. It started to overheat on me (I was hitting 270 degrees fahrenheit on highway and streets) so I took it to a local motorcycle shop. They did a diagnostic and found that I have to replace the thermostat assembly, fanswitch, waterpump. All together with labor they said it...