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  1. Electronics
    The guy I bought my 954 from put a aftermarket guage cluster on and I hate it. I want to get a oem one off eBay but before I do that, are they plug and play? I don’t think he removed the speedo sensor from tranny. And not sure how the Rpms work if it’s another sensor or what. Same thing with low...
  2. Wanted
    Looking for at least the following NLA parts, please help me complete my machine, pm me with price and pics: Honda CASE, DRIVE CHAIN Part # 40510-KY2-700 Honda GUARD, R. STEP Part # 50607-KY2-710 Honda GUARD, L. STEP Part # 50707-KY2-710
  3. Wanted
    Edit: based in the Channel Islands (UK), but happy to discuss postage options. Hi all, Managed to strip the thread on my oil sump pan beyond recognition and looking to swap out the sump pan itself. I've found a few online that are imperfect (missing lugs). I'm looking for a used...
  4. Wanted
    lowsided my 954rr. same exact damage to the bike as the first time it fell from when the front tire hit gravel. so now i have two OEM right fairings with some scrapes and 2 small holes in them. FRAME SLIDERS ARE INCREDIBLE. So, i'd love to buy a third OEM fairing to bring my bike back to its...
  5. Wanted
    Need an OEM upper cowling for my 04 RC51. Had a steer damper fail on me, and tank slapped into a center median. So i'm after a few final pieces. Don't care about their color, or if it has scratches. Just NOT interested in anything Fiberglass. Also, a OEM front rim, if ya got one. Looking...
  6. Wanted
    Pretty straight forward. I have the OEM fairings but they were painted black and blue. If anyone either has the original color scheme for sale or wants to trade let me know! Thanks
  7. General Discussion
    Sorry if there is already a thread on here, but I couldn't find one. So I thought I'd pose the qusetion to those out there that have experience with any or all of these manuals. I personally have experience with Haynes and think it's pretty good, but I don't own it and have only ever checked...
  8. General Member Classifieds
    Red and Black. All brackets are good but there is slight damage to each piece. I bought used on ebay and rode with it for a year or two. I was keeping them as a good backup but just sold the bike. Anything reasonable will take it. email me for pics. Ron
  9. General Member Classifieds
    I have the following parts for sale: OEM Brake/tail light (clear) Integrated aftermarket brake/tail/blinker (smoke) OEM blinkers Rear fairing right main fairing Left main fairing right upper fairing Upper left and right shrouds (next to gas tank, covers air vents) Make an offer on any of...
  10. General Discussion
    Hey guys, I know OEM is probably preferable, but I can get a bikemaster battery for my 2006 CBR600 F4i for about $60 cheaper. Is there a big difference? Is it worth it to pay the extra for a Honda OEM battery? What are your guys and gals' thoughts?
  11. General Member Classifieds
    got a full set of oem plastics with very few small scratches that u cant even really notice no cracks ready to bolt up n look great $800.00 obo call me 419 three five one 68 four six thanks scott
1-12 of 13 Results