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  1. Oil change video on sport bike (2017 cbr1000rr)

    How To Articles
    I know oil changes can be a hot button topic. Please lets all be civil. I'm not a professional or anything but I've been doing things this way for the last 7 years. With 46,000 miles on a 2006cbr1000rr and now 10,000 miles on a 2017cbr1000rr(1000s of miles on a bunch of other bikes too). During...
  2. am i treating my bike poorly?

    General Discussion
    17k mile cbr954rr. I've had it for over 2 years now and 2 winters. I've been the owner since 4k miles. So, here's what I do when the dead of winter comes around. i put new oil in the bike, and about once or twice a week no matter how cold it is, i'll put the bike through a full heat cycle...
  3. 929rr Weird oil level

    General Discussion
    Hey all, I recently bought a 01 929rr. It was untouched for the last 7 month, so i thought a quick oil change would be good for it. I read on the bikes manual that it takes about 3.6 to 3.8 L So i bought 4L of the Motul 10 40 2100 technosynthese oil the parts shop recommended. We drained the...
  4. First time servicing my cbr954rr. Need advice

    General Discussion
    So its my first time servicing my bike and I have found that I know nothing other than the type of oil to use. Would anyone like to inform me of a good oil filter to use? Also what does a standard service consist of?
  5. First Oil Change

    General Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm about to do my first oil change (2006 CBR 600F4i) and while this process is very straightforward and one of the more simple tasks to maintaining your bike I thought I'd post some questions about what I (and other first timers might expect, as well as any tips you guys might have...
  6. Hello, New around here, Need help.

    Hey guys, I just moved to Pittsburgh from Florida after selling my R6. Hated to see it go, but last week I bought a 2003 954 rr with 6600 miles. everything stock and so far I like it a lot. I guess PA makes you inspect vehicles and I'm need for some tires among other things. So here goes my list...
  7. 1999 CBR 900rr Maintenance

    Honda FireBlade
    Whats going on ppl!? Im starting this thread to help me understand methods, technics, and practices that will help save money and time doing maintenance on my CBR. Im pretty new to posting threads and stuff so I dont know if this would be approriate!? But what the hell! :idunno: if you want...
  8. 01 929rr oil pan change

    General Discussion
    I made a real amateur mistake. I'm no professional but I do my own basic maintenance usually without issue. I cracked my oil pan cranking down the drain plug. yea embarrassing and dumb. I was in a rush to go ride. was doing the oil, going to clean and oil the chain then a day out on the 929.. I...