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oil leak

  1. '01 929rr persistent oil leak underneath bike

    Honda FireBlade
    alright, so this oil leak that is underneath my bike hasn't gone away. If anything, it has gotten worse. After a ride, it leaks around 10-15 drops now. the oil is accumulating on the oil pan drain bolt/front lip, but the oil itself seems to be trailing down to there from the left side of the oil...
  2. annoying oil drip from oil pan drain bolt (4-5 drips after a ride)

    Honda FireBlade
    I have a minor oil leak which yields around 4-5 drips from the drain plug bolt after a ride. I believe it is from the drain bolt, because the oil is always accumulated on the drain plug itself, and i've checked several times, and I don't believe there is another source. the engine oil was...