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oil pressure

  1. 929RR Oil light coming on

    Honda FireBlade
    Tried to take my bike out for a ride this morning and the oil light came on after it warmed up. I shut it off immediately, waited a few minutes and started it again. There was no light, so I tried to ride again, but it came on again a few seconds later. I limped home by running it for a bit...
  2. 919 Oil Pressure Light + Knocking

    Honda Naked Sportbikes
    Started my bike up today(2002 919, 25k miles) and I heard a very pronounced knocking noise from the engine, and the oil light was on. Turned bike off right away, checked oil level and it looked over full. The engine was still cold when I checked it. I live in Brooklyn, about 5 miles/20 mins...
  3. Crankcase pressure leading to oil leak

    General Discussion
    I was out riding my RR4 one day recently when I got a sudden major oil leak. It turned out to be the rocker cover gasket. This was fixed and 300 miles later the same thing happened but accompanied by a bang and puff of smoke. Man at garage (ex Honda technician) says its a faulty generator...