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  1. am i treating my bike poorly?

    General Discussion
    17k mile cbr954rr. I've had it for over 2 years now and 2 winters. I've been the owner since 4k miles. So, here's what I do when the dead of winter comes around. i put new oil in the bike, and about once or twice a week no matter how cold it is, i'll put the bike through a full heat cycle...
  2. 929RR Oil light coming on

    Honda FireBlade
    Tried to take my bike out for a ride this morning and the oil light came on after it warmed up. I shut it off immediately, waited a few minutes and started it again. There was no light, so I tried to ride again, but it came on again a few seconds later. I limped home by running it for a bit...
  3. CBR954 puzzle! help me solve it? :D

    General Discussion
    Hey there all! I have a 2002 CBR954RR that has been giving me some troubles. Here are the symptoms. 1. Super gunky spark plugs 2. Oil/slimy black stuff in the intake stacks and above the throttle body openings 3. Black smoke in exhaust. exhaust can is CAKED with carbon 4. Iridium plugs go bad...
  4. Slight Discoloration in Engine Coolant

    General Discussion
    Last night swapped the antifreeze out of my 04 CBR1000 for the first time since i bought it in 2012. The bike has about 9,000 miles on it. The owner before me swapped out in 2007. In the first few seconds of flow out of the drain plug in the coolant pump, the antifreeze was a dark brown; once...
  5. leaking rocker cover / oily spark plugs

    General Discussion
    Alright all, So was out checking me plugs today to see whether she was running rich/lean etc as feels a bit boggy and came across a few problems. First of all while it does look like its running a bit rich altogether, each plug had oil on the outside of it (just below the thread but not on the...
  6. 929 Oil

    Honda FireBlade
    I'm hearing a light engine ticking even when the bikes temperature is above 80 - 90 Celsius, could it be from the trisynthetic oil ? The Motul 10w-40 trisynthetic oil or a 5w-40 full synthetic for a 929 2001 ? What do you guys recommend ? Thanks alot :)
  7. Oil level

    General Discussion
    Hey guys I noticed yesterday that the oil level light on my 01 929 is on. I took a look at the oil level window and it shows that the oil level is full. I changed it 2 rides ago. I used the motul trisynthatic 10w 40 oil. I added a little bit of oil later on today to see if the light goes off...
  8. '01 929rr persistent oil leak underneath bike

    Honda FireBlade
    alright, so this oil leak that is underneath my bike hasn't gone away. If anything, it has gotten worse. After a ride, it leaks around 10-15 drops now. the oil is accumulating on the oil pan drain bolt/front lip, but the oil itself seems to be trailing down to there from the left side of the oil...
  9. Oil filters

    Aftermarket Perfomance Parts Reviews
    Hey ppl i'm a lil new here but im curious to know if anyone knows anything about Hiflowfiltro filters??? Are they any good anyone used them and how did they perform. Thanks for looking and for your comments.
  10. checking oil level on cbr400rr without a dipstick

    Honda CBR400RR
    I lost my oil filler cap the other day and lost a bit of oil but not sure how much. i recently did an oil filter/oil change so i know it was full at the time. my problem is that i dont have the original cap with dipstick, and everything I have read online and in haynes says that is the way to...
  11. Rectifier and oil problems

    Honda CBR400RR
    Hi everyone I have a 1989 CBR400 K model and seem to have an on going electrical problem with my bike,the story goes like this: I had (what I think to be an original) rectifier on my bike and eventually it popped to the extent that my plug connecting to it had to be cut off as it melted,then I...
  12. clutch still slipping at high rpm

    Honda FireBlade
    ok so i just replaced my clutch discs and plates in my 03 954. clutch works fine until it gets to about 180degrees, then it starts to slip around 7k and above.... im running castrol full synthetic 4t 10w/50. is it just the oil getting hot and not doing its job or do i need to adjust my clutch...
  13. 954 shifter seal replacement

    Honda FireBlade
    anyone ever replace the oil seal on the shift selector shaft? cant find it anywhere in the FSM. its on an 02 954. any input would greatly appreciated.
  14. Petrol in the ENGINE!!!

    General Discussion
    Good day I had an accident last year that left my Honda VFR 400 nc24 quite badly knocked up. Even though it took quite a knock, the engine still worked perfectly fine! Due to the front forks been bent, I had to move it by putting on its side using the side stand. After not starting it for...
  15. oil pressure light

    Honda FireBlade
    i have a 2001 929 and after the bike warms up at idle the low pressure light stays on. as soon as i give it some throttle it goes away. i have heard many theories such as the sensor going bad, too much oil, not enough oil (i just did oil change level is fine), pcv lines clogged (it only started...
  16. Honda Cbr 600 F3 Oil in cylinder Help!!!

    Honda CBR 600
    I have a 96 cbr 600 and I came home to it laying on it's right side. we had a real bad wind storm (my plastics were off) but i picked up my bike cleaned it off and it wouldn't start I checked the basics gas/oil/fuses and such but when I checked the spark plugs there was oil in one of the...