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  1. 954 Blade bits for sale

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi all, I sold my old 954 Blade and am selling off some left over bits and bobs if anyones interested: Bad Dog brake and clutch shorty levers, used but in perfect condition - SOLD Haynes manual (covers the 929 and 954 Blades) - SOLD Touring screen with light tint - used with some light scuffs...
  2. 1997 Honda ST1100 Complete Part Out

    For Sale
    Hi All, Not a Fireblade (sorry) but I have a 1997 Honda ST1100 that took a front end hit in 2006 and has been sitting since. It has 137,000 miles on the odometer. The frame/title has been sold including the tip-over guards. The seat has been sold (aftermarket Corbin) but there's a free OEM...
  3. 2001 CBR 929 engine part out

    For Sale
    2001 CBR929RR engine 10,XXX. Let me know what you need and I will send pictures. I have throttle bodies, air box, and wiring harness as well. Will pick and pull whatever you guys need for cheap, just let me know. (315) 708-8829

    General Discussion
    Hi all I'm Dan and new to the forum. I have a 2000 929rr which is a very clean bike. Iv decided to use it for track only to help keep my licence. Which means I'm thinking of selling my full fairing kit possibly including the tank if needed, full electrics and lights and footrests and bits. I'm...
  5. Carby

    Honda CBR400RR
    hey guys, just bought my first bike cbr400rr and very new to this forum. picked the bike up for $800 and she didnt run. pulled the carby out and took it to the local shop and they gave it a clean and pulled them apart. get a call saying i have needle and seat thats rooted... Theyve told me they...
  6. 99 900rr choke parts

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey guys, anyone know what the piece that attaches to the choke cable and carbs is called that opens the choke and where to get one? I can't seem to find mine, and now it's getting cold I will definitely need it lol
  7. wanted!! 919 motor!!

    Wrecked Motorcycle Photos & Stories
    Hey guys, I've got a 99 blade, and I do believe my motors shot. Anyone parting one out with a decent motor for the right price?
  8. Clear out! CBR900RR 1995/96

    For Sale
    Hi All, Time for a clear out now that the project is finished. Please catch the advert on Ebay number is 330924886156 Cbr900rr 1995/96 parts....various. | eBay Clocks / panels / screens / shock / headlight / full race fairing......the list is a long one! :thumb: Steve Tee
  9. 2001 929 Trip Prep and Tool/Parts Kit

    Tools / Garage / Paddock
    Hey Hey!! A couple friends and I are escaping this Ontario winter and truckin our bikes down to texas to get some sunshine and some riding for a week at the begining of March! I bought this 2001 929RR at the end of last season and only got to put about 500 miles on it before storing it, She...
  10. 1998 cbr900 parts

    Swap Section
    I have a few extra parts for sale/trade Things i have: Full front fairing : has a crack on right side just in front of where right clipon would be. Was repaired once with glue and spot putty but opened back up when i removed the fairing. Needs to be stripped and repainted also. Is currently...
  11. 03 954 rider seat

    Honda FireBlade
    Can anyone tell me what year this seat is from. Bought this off ebay, and they claimed it was off a 2003-954. Called the dealer, and they don't have any photo's of the bottom... all they could tell me is that the 929 and 954 have a different part #. Tried looking it up on MRCYCLES, but it...
  12. 954RR Parts

    For Sale
    I have the following parts for sale: OEM Brake/tail light (clear) Integrated aftermarket brake/tail/blinker (smoke) OEM blinkers Rear fairing right main fairing Left main fairing right upper fairing Upper left and right shrouds (next to gas tank, covers air vents) Make an offer on any of...
  13. 03 600rr bodywork and parts

    For Sale
    Rebuilding my bike as a streetfighter, so I'm selling the original fairings. bike has never been down, one spot of rash on headlight fairing from rubbing on a brick wall. Pm, email or text me 812-457-8843 Belly pan $50 Side panels $50/ea Headlight fairing $100 Headlights $100 Windscreen $25...
  14. New owner of 2003 CBR954RR

    Hello all, I'm a brand new owner of a 2003 CBR954RR. It's been laid down, so I'm looking to replace the plastic & fix up the cosmetics to get it looking new again. In looking for parts on, I see a model "A", and a model "AC" listed. For example, there's a model 2003...
  15. 02' 954RR Cam Chain Replacement (Parts/tools list)

    Honda FireBlade
    Just curious if anyone can list the parts and tools needed to do a full cam replacement. I already had a shop do the tensioner as I wanted it done quick, but since it's winter I'm planning on doing the full replacement myself. So just curious since it's still tapping am I correct to assume...
  16. 2008 CBR1000RR 24000km Major Service

    Tools / Garage / Paddock
    My 2008 Fireblade mileage is currently on 22500km. The next major service is due at 24000km. - What should all be done/replaced at this service? - Must the air filter be replaced even if not worn/damaged? - Is it better to use a Honda OEM air filter or DNA performance one? The service will...
  17. 2001 929rr for sale

    Motorcycles For Sale
    Got a 929rr for sale 1000as is,needs a front end previous owner wrecked it but its all there minus front end and fairings would be a great bike to rebuild on street or make for track or stunt,its gotta go asap clean can call or text me at 405-812-8796...need gone soon don't wait it...
  18. Wanted: 2004-2007 1000RR full fairings and tank

    hey guys Im new to the forum. I recently bought a wrecked 2004 1000RR as a project. Engine was regularly serviced w/ 12k miles.Got it for 800 bucks. It runs great, very strong after 6k rpm's. But it needs full cosmetic surgery. If anybody has spare fairings for decent price it would be greatly...
  19. wtb: blk chrome windscreen for 954

    WTB: a black Chrome windscreen for my fiances '02 954... not sure if any company has made it in this color for this model but if it exists please any leads or information would be helpful. Also looking for any other cool aftermarket parts.. carbon fiber, rearsets, and little trick parts if...
  20. Robsense, only missing some of it

    Hi guys(and gals) :) Been lurkin around the forum to get some pointers before the investment, and now it's done. Happy owner of a black and silver 1998 919 fireblade, aahw, don't you just love saying that name, fireblade! Epic:) Anyways, bought my baby about two months ago, and already managed...