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  1. 99 f4i motor hard to turn

    Honda CBR 600
    I recently purchased a 99 f4i motor that had a stuck piston. I pulled the head and with a combination of tapping the piston heads (gently) with a block of wood and putting pressure on the flywheel bolt it came loose. After it was free it turned fairly easily, I could turn it over with a hand on...
  2. 1983 Honda CBX 550F. Seized Rear brake piston.

    General Discussion
    Still working on my bike, thanks for all the help so far. My rear brake piston is seized. Any good ideas for getting it on unseized? I've seen guys use a pressure going to push it out, Is that a good solution or is there something better? Should I replace the piston and seals or could I get...
  3. Changing piston

    Honda FireBlade
    My 2006 CBR1000rr's engine just started knocking really bad. Have been a serious truck mechanic for over 20 years and do all my own work on the bikes but wondering how difficult it is to change pistons in these engines. If anyone has done this do you have a time estimate in hours and if it was...