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  1. General Discussion
    Had a bit of a nightmare and had a low high-sided the other day. (which was of course a mile from home after a full day run). Luckily the bike was unscathed mechanically, the engine, frame and sub frame are still fine but the tank and fairings became a bit of a mess. . . I'm currently...
  2. Articles: Honda FireBlade
    So you have a cracked plastic fairing on your bike. Most people trash it and buy a new piece. Not anymore, you can fix it yourself easy. Here's the how to on how to plastic weld ABS plastic fairings. I start out with CBR 1000rr tail I fixed and continue the how to with the custom work I did to...
  3. Honda FireBlade
    Friends with __z__, got the idea to put a 1000rr tail on my 929 from him. I got a cracked rr tail off e-bay for $40 and plastic welded it with my $4 soldering iron (saving $160 from having to buy mint used tail). Then I took my old 929 tail off and set the rr tail on and found the stock...
1-3 of 3 Results