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  1. 1998 cbr900 parts

    Swap Section
    I have a few extra parts for sale/trade Things i have: Full front fairing : has a crack on right side just in front of where right clipon would be. Was repaired once with glue and spot putty but opened back up when i removed the fairing. Needs to be stripped and repainted also. Is currently...
  2. Selling 06-07 cbr white repsol plastics

    For Sale
    I have all the pieces to the repsol white edition fairing kit. The bike was layed down doin ten MPH and right upper fairing is scratched up but everything else is fine. Letting it go for cheap. I new kit is close to $500 and I'd prolly take $375. I've got tons of pictures and nose piece isn't...
  3. WTB: 98 600f3 tail section

    I need the right and left rear plastic for a 98 cbr600f3 red and black, but would consider other since color is just a paint both away.
  4. Full set of OEM Titanium/Black 954rr Fairings

    For Sale
    Very good shape with minor scratches. Never down. Bike had 20k miles when removed. Comes with headlight. Will send pics to interested parties email. $400.
  5. 03-06 cbr600rr full oem plastics

    For Sale
    got a full set of oem plastics with very few small scratches that u cant even really notice no cracks ready to bolt up n look great $800.00 obo call me 419 three five one 68 four six thanks scott
  6. 954 fairings needed

    I need a complete set of 954 fairings and windscreen. I can paint so they really just need to be in good shape. I know there are several parting out threads but it seems like the thread starters aren't interested in getting back to people and selling their stuff. Please post pics and price.
  7. need 2008 graffiti plastics

    Honda CBR 600
    Ok guys so i was riding lastnight at 10:00 and a car pulled out in front of me and caused me to lose control of my bike and lay it down, the car must have knowin something happend because they took off like a bat outta hell. Im alright besides me knee being screwed up and my bike is good except...
  8. Best online store for fairings/plastics?

    General Discussion
    I'm looking at replacing the blue/yellow fairings on my 06 1000RR, but I don't want to buy crappy fairings that don't fit. Anybody had a good or bad exp buying online? thanks