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please help

  1. 2006 CB919

    Honda Naked Sportbikes
    Hi I just bought a CB919 for a really good price, $2000. It has 15K on it and the motor runs strong. I need to put a fork seal in it and it has one other noise I would like some input on, as I am not a mechanic. So the bike sounds great when revving it. No misses, no knock or anything like that...
  2. 1995 CBR600 F3 engine knock

    Honda CBR 600
    Hello guys and gals. I'm new here. My problem is a horrible engine knock, when engine is warm. And another annoying ticking noise, which also kicks in when the engine is warm. I bought the bike in january this year. Except for the knocking and ticking, bike runs very well. Anyways, i've...