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  1. For Sale
    $160 shipped priority - paypal: [email protected] 02-03 CBR954 power commander III Comes with software cd, unit, and serial to usb adapter. Will post pictures when I'm off work. 100% feedback on ebay (user ID: quibbled)
  2. General Discussion
    When I have my computer plugged in its showing different RPMs than it shows on my tachometer. Not sure which is correct. I would think a computer cant lie, but I mean the tach is whats fixed to the bike so i dunno. I set the idle based off the tach and it seemed fine, but what is correct? Id...
  3. Honda FireBlade
    Does anyone have a custom map for the PC3 tuned for a CBR 954 with 929 intake and fuel rail? I have done a motor swap since my last dyno session, and I am curious to see what is out there.
1-3 of 3 Results