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power loss

  1. Loss of power Honda CBR 600rr

    Honda CBR 600
    I have a 2007 CBR600rr. It has 16,000 miles on it. It have owned it for a few weeks now and i'm still getting used to it. The biggest difference from my old bike is the way the engine will aggressively slow you down when you let off the throttle. I have gotten used to it and i have begun to like...
  2. Help power loss and gurgling cbr1000rr 05

    Honda FireBlade
    I have a cbr1000rr 05 with 22k on and I recently changed oil and put a little extra oil in it when I looked at the sight glass that's when I realized it. The bike was running fine it has code 34 due to me unplugging the servo motor it has aftermarket exhaust. I was riding the other day and it...
  3. Electrical Fail?!

    General Discussion
    I have a 2006 CBR1000rr. Going on an afternoon ride I noticed that the cluster gauges were acting wildly. The rev indicator was bouncing wildly and the speed was reading a flat 0 mph. Oil light indicator would flick on and off as well as a few other caution lights. During this the bike was...
  4. Carbon Buildup???

    General Discussion
    Ive noticed a lack of power, the bike has stalled twice, little put puts while idling and a different tune from the exhaust. Could this be from a carbon build up?? Please help. Any ideas greatly appreciated. New exhaust will be put on Friday in hopes it solves the mystery. CBR954 has about...
  5. Cant reach the red line :(

    General Discussion
    Hey guys, I am having a problem with my 2005 1000RR AKA Fireblade. Its like when i rev it it cant touch the red line doesnt matter if its neutral or in gear. i have checked the fuel pump pressure and its fine slightly more than 50 psi and i have installed new NGK spark plugs as well. The clutch...
  6. CBR f3 high RPM dead spot/ power loss

    General Discussion
    I'm a fairly new rider and want my f3 to run well again. My problems started when I had the notorious charging problems with her, I replaced the rectifier and new plugs as they were burnt out, it kept draining the battery, I then replaced the stator and it's plugs were burnt plastic as well...